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Guest Post: How does Marcus Marble spend Halloween?

Welcome to my stop on the Rae Hachton Raven in the Grave ARC Tour. I'm very excited for the third book so this is quite the honor. Check out my review of Raven in the Grave, and continue to Rae's deluctible guest post inspired by Marcus, and Halloween?

How does Marcus Marble celebrate Halloween?
Halloween has always held a lot of meaning for me, personally. For years, I was the monster, and there was no need to pretend to be anything else. I think the overall concept of Halloween continues to be a major part of my life as a whole. It’s like, a little bit of Halloween everyday.

Clips from Last Year:
The Meadow
After spending the entire night with him, I awoke in the meadow, a black butterfly tickling my nose. Marcus beside me, still. It was Halloween morning, and he had his arm around me. I inhaled the morning air. The sun bright in my eyes. The day brand new. When the butterfly fluttered away, I turned my head to see if Marcus was awake. He was. He gazed into my eyes.
My birthday is only two days away, Marcus. I expect something good.”
He smiled. He took my hand and brought it to his chest. And beneath his skin I felt a faint beating in his chest. “Marcus, your heart is beating!” I exclaimed, astonished.
He shook his head. “No, Ellie. It’s trying to. You see, the more and more in love with you I fall, the less dead I feel. My body is trying to mimic human function. You give me an adrenaline rush. The feeling—it’s almost like a drug that goes way beyond an addiction.”
He rolled over on top of me, kissed me on my lips. My neck. He ran his fingers so lightly over my skin that the sensation tickled me. I laughed and rolled him over and pinned his hands to the ground and kissed him.
Happy Halloween,” he said.
Marcus, I’d love to stay here all day, but I have to go to school.”
You don’t have to,” he said.
Yes, yes I do.” I laughed. “I don’t want to be one hundred years old and ignorant.”
I get it. Higher education.” But he did promenade with me through the meadow and walk me to class.
That night I met Marcus at the cemetery gates. I wore a strapless black dress that was poofy at the bottom, my hair was pinned to my head in curls with purple glitter and I made sure I had applied my makeup right. Too bad my mother couldn’t be around for these events. She was too busy with Nick.
Marcus pulled up in his White 1958 convertible. He looked sexier than usual. He wore black eyeliner to draw attention to his dazzling eyes, a black velvet suit with a red tie and half of a white masquerade mask. I could only see half his face. With a moonflower stuck in his chest pocket, he put one behind my ear.
When we arrived in his vintage car and in our outfits, we got a lot of stares. The first thing we did was take our photos together and then we headed for the dance floor. We couldn’t really feel the beat of the music that was playing. Personally, I thought it was awful.
Wait right here, Marcus.” I went to where Maxx was and told him to play our music, then when I heard it begin, I pulled Marcus onto the dance floor. Maxx played “Forget That You’re Young” by The Raveonettes. Now that, we could jive to.
Everyone gave us dirty looks and their dancing lost a few beats. That’s when I motioned for Maxx to roll the other song on the album. I wanted to slow dance with Marcus, so he played “My Time’s Up.” And I pulled Marcus into me. My arms around his neck, his forehead pressed to mine, hands on my waist.
When I leave here tonight, I'm going to get my stuff, then I'm coming home to be with you.”
Ellie, before you decide to do that, I need you to know of one last thing.”
Don't try to talk me out of it, Marcus. I want you to take my heart, my life, my soul. They don't matter. I want to be with you, forever.” I rested my head on his shoulder. “Just tell me how to die for you.”
He didn't say anything. He just gulped, his Adam’s apple bobbing up and down in his throat.
Last Halloween [2011] in Pretty in Black was spent with Eleanor. Here is how we spent it. [Flash Back Scene]
Ellie was a dark goddess, She stood patiently awaiting for me, at the cemetery gates. She was absolutely stunning. My heart would've stopped if it'd been beating. Her strapless black dress, displayed her elegant shoulders, my eyes moved upward and landed on her neck, lingering there. I walked over and took her into my arms. Leaning her back, her eyes gazing up at the stars, but were stars themselves, I planted a nights worth of kisses, ceremoniously along her neckline, mesmerized by her vulnerability. Her pulse drummed like a rhapsody beneath my quivering lips.
You're almost like a phantom,” Ellie said, tapping my masquerade mask that covered half my face. I smiled, leaning her upward. Like the one in my coat pocket, I placed a matching moonflower behind her ear.
We walked hand in hand to my car, and opening the passenger side door for her, I let her inside, closed the door gently, then went back around to climb inside to drive her to the dance.
The event was a blur, everything except her and the music. My forehead pressed to hers, her arms around my neck. Ellie saying to me, “When I leave here tonight, I'm going to get my stuff, then I'm coming home to be with you.”
She didn't understand the dangers of being an evermore. She didn't know that she had really tried to kill herself and I had saved her. She didn't know about me watching her for weeks and that her near suicide had been my fault. She didn't know I had wanted to claim her, wanted to kill her. And she deserved to know the truth. “Ellie, before you decide to do that, I need you to know of one last thing.”
Don't try to talk me out of it, Marcus. I want you to take my heart, my life, my soul. They don't matter. I want to be with you, forever.” She rested her head on my shoulder. “Just tell me how to die for you.”
I didn't say anything. How could I? I just choked back the tears when I thought how telling her the truth might cause me to lose her.
I loved this girl with everything in me. If anything happened to her, it would destroy me. And she was already in enough danger just by being here with me right now. And if she ended up hating me, after finding out the truth, that would tear me apart.
I didn't want to be the one who hurt her.
But she was determined to be with me, regardless of the consequences.
Right now, in my world, Halloween has not happened for 2012. It is early May. However, October 31 will be a rather special event for me and Eleanor. Would anyone like a sneak peek?
Roll Scene: Evermore October 31, 2012 in the World of Pretty in Black
Release: 2013
I had waited for what seemed an eternity, for this one moment. I was already on the tips of my toes, ready to burst apart from the longing, ready to whisk her away and show her my love, and what it felt like. Now, I only waited for two simple words...
Everything faded away. It was only Marcus and me, as we stood facing each other, under the tree on the hill of Lovers Cemetery. All I could think of was the very first night he’d brought me here, how we’d gazed across the entire cemetery. I had wondered so many things...if he and I would be together. He’d known before I had. For me, it’d been a wish. For him, it was fate. He knew all along. And now I knew. I more than had my answer. I knew, without a doubt, he was mine, and I—his.
Evermore the final installment of the Pretty in Black series

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