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Hi, I'm Shane Morgan. Author, reader, and blogger!

Welcome to Itching For Books, where you'll find all sorts of book related stuff. If you're an avid reader like me, then you're certain to enjoy this site and all it has to offer. So let's join together in this diverse book community and share interests.

More official bio:
Itching for Books is a blog dedicated to promoting all that relates to books, from blog tours, giveaways and reviews, to guest posts and interviews. IFB is willing to help authors--traditional and indie--get as much publicity as possible.

*Blog birthday: May 3, 2012

About Shane Morgan
I've had a couple blogs in my lifetime, but none have really excited me the way IFB has, which is obviously why they're closed down and this one is still running. I've always enjoyed reading ,but who hasn't? :) Starting a book blog and getting active in the book community has really pushed me towards sharing my own stories as well. 

I'm happy to have come across some really awesome bloggers, who have basically inspired me to start my own. So far, I've learned a lot, especially how hard it is to be consistent while knowing it's okay not to post every single day, but definitely how fun and exciting it is to meet other authors and bloggers.

I also enjoy illustrating, listening to music from all over the world, and watching movies. I'd like to start a collection of unusual objects but so far nothing has sparked my interest. 

Honestly, I've never been good at writing about myself so if there's anything at all you'd like to know then shoot me an email. shanereads (at) yahoo (dot) com
I'll answer as soon as I can.

Review/Rating Policy

NOTE: August 4th 2020
*I'm not currently accepting requests. I'll update when I'm doing so again.

Reviews are done on books I've received from publishers/authors, through giveaways, or have purchased. 

Genres I accept:

Young Adult/New Adult/Adult (contemporary, romance, suspense, mystery, psychological thriller, realistic fiction, fantasy, etc.)

I don't mind memoirs, non-fiction, anthologies, middle grade. However, I'm particularly picky with those.

Ratings are done in a fair manner from 3 - 5, and I always take the following into consideration:

How I feel about the overall story, the writing, characters, setting and descriptions. Other issues like typos or minor errors will not affect my rating, especially if the story interests me enough. 

My opinion is not influenced by any other. I will not pass on a book that has received negative reviews elsewhere if it interests me. It could even be a million bad feedbacks, I'll still read it because it just might work for me. 

Itching for Books does not charge for reviews, interviews, or guest features. Payment is only accepted for ads, blog tours, and other promotional events coordinated with authors/publishers. 

Images used in posts are taken from the web (mainly Goodreads or from stock sites) or my Instagram. I have no claims to other peoples work and have no intention on calling them my own. I am simply borrowing them to enhance the visual appeal of my blog. If I have used any of your images and you'd like for me to remove it from my blog, then I will do so with no rebuttal. 

Other illustrations (blog header, banners, etc.) are designed by me for Itching for Books. Please do not take my designs and re-use as your own. 

Reviews on Itching for Books are the intellectual property of the writer. Please do not copy or re-post any portion as your own. If you wish to quote a review, please ask permission before doing so.  Thank you for your respect, and I will offer the same in return.

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