Behind The Pages

~ Interviews & Spotlights ~
Writing an interesting book isn't easy. Sometimes one has to go behind the pages to discover the inspiration of an author's awesome story. 
  1. [Spotlight] Welcome to Shadow Falls - Who is C.C. Hunter?
  2. [Spotlight] Newbie Stephanie Guerra
  3. [Interview] Lauren Oliver on Dystopia
  4. [Interview] Anne Greenwood Brown on Myths & Magic
  5. [Interview] Jessica Khoury on Origin
  6. [Interview] Rae Hachton on Pretty in Black
  7. [Interview] Kailin Gow's Loving Summer
  8. [Interview] Frankie Rose on her Hopeful debut 
  9. [Interview] Discovering Rachel Burke
  10. [Interview] Lisa Luedeke talks writing & Smashed
  11. [Interview] Kristen Painter unlocks the House of Comarre
  12. [Interview] Michelle Davidson Argyle on writing, yoga, and chocolate?
  13. [Interview] Jennifer Echols on balancing YA & Adult
  14. [Interview] Amy Harmon on her inspirations
  15. [Interview] Meg Collett on End of Days and the future
  16. [Interview] Gabrielle Tozer on The Intern & Other Stuff
  17. [Interview] Jessica Verdi on Realistic YA & Showtunes
  18. [Interview] Jennifer Donnelly on Waterfire Saga
  19. [Interview] Lindsay Smith has a SEKRET
  20. [Interview] Kimberly Belle on Crime Fiction
  21. [Interview] Ginger Scott on Writing and Harper Boys
  22. [Interview] Christa Desir on Other Broken Things and Dark Contemporary
  23. [Interview] Jenny Manzer discusses writing and Save Me, Kurt Cobain
  24. [Interview] Katherine Fleet's Secret to Letting Go
  25. [Interview] Raven St. Pierre Writes from the Heart!
  26. [Interview] Julianna Keyes on 'Undecided', and what makes a story more interesting
  27. [Interview] Alice Clayton: From the Cosmetics Industry to Queen of Humor & Heat!
  28. [Interview] Tracey Livesay: From Law to Contemporary Romance and Marathons
  29. [Interview] Meghan March on her 'Unapologetically Sexy Romance'
  30. [Interview] Dana Volney on Sexy Suspense to Sweet Holiday Romances
  31. [Interview] Tamara Bundy talks her debut novel 'Walking with Miss Millie'

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