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Blog Tour Stop: The Red Serpent Trilogy

For my stop on the  Red Serpent blog tour, I decided to do a blurb, excerpt and author bio. 

The Red Serpent Trilogy
by Rishabh Jain & Delson Armstrong
Released: August 14, 2012
Publisher: AJ International Press
*Book provided by author.


The Red Serpent Trilogypresents a highly evolved vampire to fear: cold and callous, powerful and dangerous, possessed by mystic promises and destroyed only by silver. It is the year 2021 — the human world has degraded, its inhabitants unworthy of the supernatural gifts bestowed upon them. Compelled by ancient prophesy, an ancient vampire army takes the human race by force, sparing few lives. They await the second coming of their king, Anaxagoras, which will hurl the world into a final battle that will free the vampires from their infinite hiding. But by the hands of fate, there is one human who may save his entire race.

The Red Serpent Trilogy is a celestial fusion of science fiction and fantasy, unfolding conflicting intentions for the survival of both the human and vampire races. But in a world ruled by supernatural and mythological forces, there is only room for one race, and neither will go easily. The few survivors of the fatal vampire onslaught escape to an asteroid space station, Regnum, where they thrive as they keep an attentive watch on the vampires on the earth below. But unbeknown to himself or anyone else, Alex, half human half vampire, holds the keys to secrets that will help him realize his duties and cement his fate as either a human or a vampire.


The night had become a very enchanting one for Alex, as he saw his mother and felt her warmth around him. When he awoke, he expected to be in the passage, but instead he was in his own room. He realized he was caught and consequences were going to be harsh—or were they?
After getting ready, he went to the family room, where his uncle was reading the local newspaper, scanning through the headlines. 
“Good morning, Uncle John,” he said to him. Uncle John looked back and saw his nephew standing, with his head down, like a little boy who had done something wrong. 
“Where were you last night?” he asked with a harsh tone.
“In my room, sleeping.”
“Then why did I find you behind the library at three o’clock in the morning?” Alex stayed quiet, trying to control his anger, but then Uncle John sighed and told Alex, “Come here, my boy, I want to tell you something.”
“What is it?”
“You see, Alex, your mother had done a lot of things in her life that were crazy, but what she did craziest was marry a vampire in the Army that made us come here. But with that curse came also a blessing.” He pointed to Alex. “And that was you, Alex, a newborn baby boy, the pride 
of our family. Unfortunately, your father left you along with your mother 
to do his duties, and she stayed with your grandmother and me. When 
Earth was taken over, she told us something she wouldn’t tell even her husband, and that was that you are really the one in the prophecies; you  are the Falsifier. But listen to me very carefully, Alex; you are still too young to fight or to do anything. The vampires want to get you for your blood, for some prophecies are truly real. Let me show you something, Alex.” 
Uncle John went to the library and got out two books. “I bet you have already read your mother’s journal?” Alex nodded, and Uncle John continued. “Here, Alex.” He pointed to a book with  strange inscriptions on it and said, “This book is about you and your 
counter-blood, Anaxagoras.” Alex looked confused. “Listen to me carefully, Alex,” Uncle John said, getting his head closer to Alex’s, who was also getting closer. Uncle John whispered, 
“Long ago, it was said that the vampires’ origins were from Christ himself, when a serpent crawled unto the crucifix, drank a drop of his blood, and suddenly became immortal; it was a blessing. But, the greedy serpent had need of more and more of His blood and was cursed to live a life of pain, where he could see no light or be near Christ, nor could he touch silver, which had been in the nails, which hung Christ. And through this serpent came the vampires.”
-Chapter 2

About the Authors
Rishabh Jain

Rishabh Jain was born in the city of Kanpur, in India, in 1990. From a young age, he displayed remarkable traits of creativity and inventiveness. When a young boy of 8 or 9 years old, Rishabh left his father (himself an electrical engineer) shocked and speechless one day, when he managed to make an asymmetrical and unbalanced structure made of blocks, with which he was very fond of playing, stand stable for 2 to 3 minutes, blissfully unaware that the laws of physics and mechanics made it impossible.

Rishabh entered Pathways World School in 2003, an International Baccaulaureate School on the outskirts of New Delhi, in the 8th Grade. Here, his multidisciplinary talents and interests blossomed in the creative environment of an International Level School. He was awarded an Academic Merit Scholarship from Pathways World School, for the academic years 2004-05 and 2005-06 (his 9th & 10th Grades). Being an absolutely ardent fan of and enamored by the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and the Harry Potter series, it was his dream to write a story of his own as a “Trilogy.” This was the inspiration from which he conceived the genesis and plot of this current book The Red Serpent Trilogy, and he finally realized his dream and completed the book in 2006 and was issued the copyright to the same in January of 2007.

Delson Armstrong
Delson Armstrong was born in Bombay, India (he prefers to call his hometown by its anglicized name) on March 9th, 1990 and moved to the US in 1995.

At an early age, Delson was encouraged to read as many books as he could, which fuelled his imagination and sparked the desire to become a full time writer. He began writing short stories and enjoyed the class fiction writing assignments he was given, which helped him to develop his skills as a writer. It also made him really look into pursuing writing as a serious craft, and the first time he thought of doing that was in the sixth grade when he was around eleven. He began to outline The Falsifier and based many of the characters on his friends in school, but left it that for some time.

He went back to India to and attended Pathways World School for three years in Gurgaon and then moved to Bombay. There he pursued the idea for the book once again and continued writing, rewriting and finally finished in 2008. But that was not the end. He knew the story was not going to fit in one book and as he explored the history of the characters and the history of the Vampires in the novel, he realized it spanned a timeline of 150,000 years. That was a lot of stories to tell! And now, he has decided he wants to tell all of them, or at least the highlights, in an epic fourteen book saga.

He currently transits between New York and Bombay, spending equal amounts of time in both cities and embracing the best of both cultures as well as soaking in the inspirations he encounters daily.

He enjoys practicing yoga, meditation and philosophy, as well as classical music. His favorite composers include Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and Chopin and he plays the piano occasionally, wishing he could find more time to continue his practice. He is also a major film buff and watches movies all weekend long every week with his family and is currently working on some screenplays, one of which he wrote during a year online at the New York Film Academy.


  1. This sounds interesting. I can't stand snakes, so I'm not crazy about the cover, but the books sounds good.

  2. Shane, thanks for helping new readers discover Rishabh's vampire novel.


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