Wednesday, June 6, 2012

An Unresisting Tease #1

Everything’s a blur. I can’t see straight but I can hear the sound of my heart beating slowly, weakly. No! It’s not mine, but whose? My arm hurts, even more so as I try to move. Then it all came back to me in a quick flash: the party, drinking, Sean getting behind the wheel, the rising flames, the bright light, and the crash. The crash! Sean! Sean! I look around frantically trying to find my brother, but he’s not in the car. Where is he? I start to panic, staring at the driver’s seat. He should be here since he was driving, but then I noticed the windshield’s shattered. He must’ve gone through. I used the little force I had left in me to push the door open. My entire body ached as I fought to get out of the battered car and onto my feet. He drove into the rocks trying to get away from the light, or me. The car's busted. Dad’s gonna kill us when he finds out, but more importantly, I have to find Sean first.

My body shivered from the cold and I was pretty shuck up from the accident. Nothing was broken but it still hurt a bit to walk around. I could barely see in the dark, yet I tried my hardest to spot any kind of movement. Thankfully we were no where near the edge of the cliff or else there goes our eighteenth birthday and trip to Florida. "Sean! Sean where are you?" I hope he’s not hurt. I walked in dead silence unable to see or hear anything on the road but once I calmed myself down a little, there it was again, someone’s heartbeat. I let it lead me towards the source. Hopefully it was Sean’s.

I followed the pulsating sound a couple feet from the car, and finally behind a few rocks… “Sean! Oh My God! Are you alright? Is anything broken?” I knelt down beside him. He could barely say a word much less move. He was just lying there shaking. I have to do something. I searched around in my pockets for my cell phone, I should’ve done this the moment I woke up, but it wasn’t there. I checked on Sean again. Looking him over to see if there was any horrible injuries, bleeding, but the only thing I saw were burn marks on his shirt and face. Just then he muttered something but all I made out was “…run…must get away…he wants you…dead.” I thought maybe the crash left him dazed. He was probably in shock. “I have to go back to the car and find a cell phone to call for help, Sean. I’ll be right back, okay. I assured him.

Back in the car I searched everywhere for both our phones. Please, God. Shit! Not here…no…Yes! There it was; Sean’s cell still in tact under the backseat. I quickly reached for it and dialed 911. Fortunately, it still had service. "911 what is your emergency?" And just as I was about to explain what happened I heard the loudest most horrific screams I’ve ever heard in my entire existence. Sean! What’s happening? The phone fell from my hand. I rushed over as fast as I could, just in time to see my brother’s body in flames, and that bright light again flying away from him. Its work is done. I knew that because I couldn’t hear Sean’s heartbeat anymore.

From the Unresisting series
Coming soon...


  1. Wow! that sounds really good!!! Amazing teaser!

  2. Ok I have not heard a word about this series but that prologue definitely got my attention. Car crash, light from the sky, fiery death! Gripping!


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