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Peacemaker Blog Tour Stop: Guest Post by Eva Gerald

Peacemaker Series - by Eva Gerald

IFB is happy to have author Eva Gerald stop by on her Peacemaker Blog Tour, hosted by Reading, Eating & Dreaming. Continue below to discover Eva's inspiration behind the novel:

Peacemaker (Peacemaker series, #1)Series: Peacemaker #1
Release date: July 28th 2013
Publisher: Shine Publishing
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis via Goodreads:

Maya Voland doesn’t want to spend her senior year in the cold, isolated town of Shine, Vermont. Reeling from the death of her father and the discovery that her life is a carefully constructed set of lies, Maya wants to escape to a place where she can be invisible. 

The residents of Shine can’t let Maya leave. She’s too important to their cause. A manipulator by nature, Maya was born with an extraordinary ability to influence the emotions and actions of others. Shiners will go to great lengths to train her to use those gifts to further their agenda, before other, more sinister forces intercede.

Shea Knightly has been waiting most of his life for Maya to come back home to Shine. He, too, has powers of persuasion and he’s never encountered a girl who can say no to his stunning looks and overwhelming charm. He’ll pull out all the stops to bring Maya into the fold.

Now Maya must decide—is the intense attraction she feels for Shea reciprocated, or is he just feeding her more lies to draw her into the dangerous world of the Shiners? Even if there is something real between them, what price is she willing to pay to make his cause her own?


Thanks for giving me the opportunity to discuss Peacemaker. I’m excited to share my book and my inspiration for writing it.

Inspiration doesn’t hit me out of the blue like a lightning bolt. I’m an observer of life, a people watcher and an avid reader. Because of this, I have a multitude of ideas constantly floating around in my head. The real challenge is culling through them to find one worthy of a novel, grasping onto it and then nurturing it into a story that people will want to read.

The thoughts that gave life to Peacemaker have been rattling around my brain for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, the news was always on in my house, which introduced me early on to the noteworthy and often shocking behavior of people. I was a sensitive kid who always had difficulty shaking off the images displayed on the nightly news. I was deeply moved by the stories of kindness and heroism and deeply disturbed by the acts of violence reported on a daily basis. 

I saw that there were people in this world who were gifted with the ability to rally others to their cause. Whether they were politicians, cult leaders or human rights activists, these people shared some fascinating, indefinable characteristic that made others want to follow their lead. I was inspired by those who used that gift to benefit the world, but was also cognizant that some used their skills purely for personal gain. 

Once I had my own children, I observed that leadership traits are often apparent at a very young age, as though it is an innate talent. This made me to want to explore the idea that the ability to lead may be written into some people’s DNA. Peacemaker explores the notion that the gift of having influence over others emotions and actions can be passed down from generation to generation, and that along with that gift comes significant responsibility.

While Peacemaker drifts into the realm of fantasy, the question that Maya faces is likely similar to that encountered by prominent figures throughout history. When a person has a superior talent, do they have a duty to use that gift to benefit humanity, even if it could mean sacrificing their own happiness, freedom, or safety? 

Okay, so enough philosophizing, let’s get down to the romance. That’s an easy one; I’m inspired to write romance because I love to read romance. A good romance makes me smile and strong chemistry is just plain fun to read. Sometimes it’s that simple. I hope that Maya and Shea’s relationship makes my readers happy and maybe adds a little heat to their day. If so, I’ll consider it a success.

About the Author

imageEva Gerald is a mother of two beautiful, active boys and an in-house attorney for a small software company. Needing to fill her endless hours of free time, Eva decided to write a novel. Three short years later, Peacemaker was ready for publication. Just in case she was tempted to go to bed before 2:00AM on a regular basis, she decided to make it a series and is diligently working on the next book.

Eva lives in upstate New York with her supremely tolerant and supportive husband and two boys.


  1. I like the inspiration behind Pacemaker. I'm curious as to what my kid will be like when he's older. He definitely has some unique personalities points that are a mix between me and my husband.

    Just today, I noticed that he sits on his feet on a chair just like me. I always got yelled at doing it when I was a kid, but hey...maybe it's genetic.

    1. Aww, well i'm sure he'll turn out great :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I had a lot of fun writing it.

      I agree, nurture vs. nature is a fascinating topic. My son shares so many mannerisms of my late father that it sometimes gives me goosebumps. The most amazing part about it is that the two never got to meet.

      I hope you have the chance to read Peacemaker and enjoy how the topic is explored in the book.

  2. Thanks for sharing the guest post. :)


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