Monday, August 6, 2012

Launch Event: Two Weeks' Notice by Rachel Caine

YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD HERO DOWN ... even after death.
Rachel's thrilled to announce that tomorrow, August 7, is the official release day in the US, Canada, and Australia for TWO WEEKS' NOTICE, the second installment of the Revivalist series!
You can buy online at fine retailers like Barnes & NobleIndieboundAmazonBooks-A-Million and Chapters Indigo (Canada) andDymocks (AUS), or in real-life bookshelves. It's also available in a variety of ebook formats.
(UK readers: your editions will be available via Waterstones and W.H. Smith in mid-September, but are available for preorder now!)
Bryn Davis faces a harsh future of daily injections of the anti-death drug ReturnĂ© ... but now she's got a job running the newly-renovated funeral home, and her relationship with ex-boss Patrick McCallister is growing closer. When the FBI puts Bryn on the trail of potential abductions of ReturnĂ© patients, it will take all her skill, strength and nanotech-fueled durability to survive the investigation, much less uncover the sinister organization -- and deadly surprises -- behind the mystery.
"Not only did Two Weeks' Notice top Working Stiff, but it completely blew it out of the water, earning this series a place on my all time favorites list of Urban Fantasies. From the incredible cast of characters to the fierce action and incredibly high stakes, Two Weeks' Notice is one heck of a read and a must buy!" - A Book Obsession
"5 out of 5 ... After two in a row, I think it’s safe to say that the Revivalist series just plain does it for me ... The entire action-packed conclusion was thrilling and well written ... Caine treats fans to a game-changing development that definitely puts Revivalist #3 at the top of my “Must Read” list." - All Things Urban Fantasy
On Tuesday, August 7 at 6 pm Eastern Time (5 pm Central, 4 pm Mountain, 3 pm Pacific, GMT -5)  I will be hosting a virtual event through a new platform called Shindig!
I will be talking a little about TWO WEEKS' NOTICE and hosting an interactive Q&A on the series, other books, writing, anything! You can either write in a question or raise your hand to be called on, plus video chat with anyone -- even fellow participants -- at the event. 

The interface is really cool and you'll be one of the first to use it!  It's a large-scale video chat that lets you give live video presentations and share pictures and music with a room full of people. It's totally unlike anything you have ever seen before.  This is an experimental event so I hope you enjoy it -- feedback is welcomed!

Thank you for your support and I'll look forward to seeing you there!
Please pre-register here:
Event Date: August 7, 2012
Time: 6 pm Eastern Time

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