Friday, August 10, 2012

Review: Beneath the Glitter by Elle & Blair Fowler

Beneath the Glitter

Released: September 4th 2012 

Welcome to a place where dreams are made.  And where nothing—and no one—is ever what it seems.

After their make-up and fashion videos went viral on YouTube, sisters Sophia and Ava London are thrust into the exclusive life of the Los Angeles elite.  Here fabulous parties, air kisses, paparazzi and hot guys all come with the scene. Sophia finds herself torn between a gorgeous bartender and a millionaire playboy, and Ava starts dating an A-list actor.  But as they’re about to discover, the life they’ve always dreamed of comes with a cost.

Beneath the glitter of the Hollywood social scene lies a world of ruthless ambition, vicious gossip…and betrayal.  Someone close to them, someone they trust, is working in the shadows to bring the London sisters falling down. And once the betrayal is complete, Sophia and Ava find themselves knee-deep in a scandal that could take away everything they care about, including the one thing that matters most—each other.

An enthralling, lighthearted, irresistible, and romantic story surrounding two rising stars that are not only close sisters but best friends facing an adventurous journey together. 

Beneath the Glitter was very enjoyable, not that I'm surprised. This novel has some similarities to the lives of the Fowler sisters and what it is they do, so fans of contemporary, chick lits, and quick paced funny reads will certainly find delight in this one. 

Sophia and Ava are far from each other but quite alike at the same time. Both share the same admiration and consideration for the other, and of course, the sister bond is something to always love in any story. The eldest London plays that role remarkably well. Her decisions are never made unless carefully thought out, while the youngest London, Ava, is more of the risk taker so to speak. What I love about the sisters is their protectiveness for each other and their need to motivate and encourage the other. Of course there were times when the relationship was tested but they managed to overcome their issues and not lose their focus on what's more important to them.

I know plenty of people are saying this novel is all about fashion and beauty but not true. Sure there's reference to the aforementioned and going to hip parties around L.A, but that is apart of their brand. Aside from the cuteness, there are other aspects of the novel contributing to an interesting story and that I think helps to balance things out. 

I would say Beneath the Glitter is more about the relationship of the sisters, how becoming stars takes them into a world where they might trust the wrong people, love the wrong guys, but find some keepers along the way. Again, it focuses on the importance of family and friends, not to mention staying true to yourself. I've learned a great deal of that throughout the story, especially from one character in particular. Giovanni.

Giovanni was kind of like the wise character offering good and meaningful advice to Sophia. Everything he said made sense, and along with the sisters', Giovanni's character had relevance  in the story. 

I also enjoyed the romance side. I liked how both sisters ended up with guys they deemed as perfect in the beginning but towards the end realized perfection wasn't always right. But, I felt that the end was a bit rushed where Ava's part was concerned when her feelings were requited. That was my only issue with the book, other than that, I loved the fact that it's obviously going to continue, being that the ending wasn't exactly an ending to a story. So, can't wait to read the next and I do recommend you read this one.


  1. Brilliant review Shane! And I'm SO glad that you liked, I can't wait to read it myself :) Thanks for sharing <3
    xoxo, Mariam @Book-A-Holic

  2. Great review! This sounds like a really interesting contemporary although I'm not the hugest fan of chick lit books that are just fluffy and don't really have any real content. But maybe I'll see if I can read it once I find a lull in my TBR pile :)

  3. I am glad the focus of this one is on sisters and not just fashion and fluff!

  4. Great review!! I can't wait to read this one myself. And did I mention I just LOVE the cover?! :)

  5. I've never seen this book before today, so thank you for sharing. I enjoy reading chick-lit books, so I might like this one. Plus, that cover is awesome! ;)
    I'm really interested in reading more about the sisters relationship.
    Lovely review, Shane. :)

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