Thursday, October 2, 2014

BLOG TOUR~Following Zippy by C.B. Burdette

The blog tour for C.B. Burdette's YA Contemporary novel has ended. See details below:

Following ZippyRelease date: July 2014
Publisher: Flower Child Publishing
Purchase: Amazon

Synopsis via Goodreads:
At fifteen most kids only have to worry about their homework or the style of their shoes. Gabe Perkins isn't most kids. When diagnosed with a terminal illness, he begins to make friends with a girl so ethereal, he starts to question his own sanity.

“Look at those fish,” she said, diverting her attention towards the creek. “What about them?” “They’re just swimming along. Living and breathing. I wonder,” she said as she nudged her shoulder against mine, “if they know what purpose they serve.” “Well, they probably don’t.” “Why’s that?” “Because, they’re fish?” “Don’t think so low of the marine species.” “Zippy, they’re little minnows. They’re so little they probably only live a few months. Why worry about their place in life?” “I don’t know. Something of the simplicity of them is nice, though, you must admit.” She gleamed ear to ear, “Imagine, if you were a little minnow, swimming down the creek.” “Oh, crap.” “What?” “Do you really think there’s something out there that really cares about those little fish? Or even, you know, if something out there is looking down at us, talking about us like we’re little fish? As if we’re just tiny little minnows swimming down a stream, unsure of what fate lies ahead of us?” “I do.”

C.B. BurdetteAbout the Author

I grew up a gypsy at my parents hands. With a dad in the Air Force, I got to experience life on the road, soaking up culture. After spending 6 years working as a model, I realized that the industry wasn't much of what I was looking for in life. More often than not I felt like Jo Stockton in Funny Face and escaped into the world of film, where your job is based on something more than beauty. Though I do love 12 hour days on set, there's nothing like snuggling up with a warm laptop and letting my fingers dance away to create a whole new world.

NOTE: Please do not post any negative reviews that are hurtful to the author and affects the purpose of the tour. Post the blurb and giveaway instead, or send me an email if you want to back out. Thank you for understanding.

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