Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Meg Cabot's 'Underworld' (Abandon Book 2)

Underworld (Abandon Trilogy #2)Publication: May 8, 2012

A lot has happened since the first book. For one, seventeen year old Pierce Oliviera is still very much alive but I'm not certainly she's well, being that furies along with her grandmother still want her dead. Another thing is that John has taken Pierce to the underworld; a place between heaven and hell, and Pierce will have to learn to accept her fate as the chosen consort for the death deity, that's if she's really the chosen one. Since dying and resurrecting in 'Abandon,' Pierce is now coming to terms with her situation and relationship with John. She's reluctant to give up on her life back on earth with her mother, uncle Chris,  and cousin Alex, but John swears its for her own safety to remain in the underworld.  

In the second book, we're given more details about the main characters, introduced to some new ones, or should I say re-emerging ones, and the excitement overall is just as satisfying as the first. I for one had plenty of questions regarding who John was in his past life before taking on his role of keeper of the dead. I'm pleased that Meg enabled Pierce to piece the puzzles together, though at times she could be very annoying in doing so. John in this book is still headstrong but more composed and not as fearsome as his appearance in Abandon. I started to love him all over again for the more softer side he's now showing. Speaking of love, Pierce finally succumbed to the fact that she truly loved him and was finding it within her heart to grant his wish, remain in the underworld and 'cohabitate' with him. 

Aside from the tantalizing and passionate romance between the two, of course there's still the issue of furies wanting to exterminate Pierce from the world, and they will stop at nothing, or use anyone to accomplish their task. Hence, the news of Pierce's guidance Counselor getting killed, uncle Chris getting tied to the death of Jade, as well as the sudden predicament of her cousin. Pierce is willing to risk her safety to protect the ones dearest to her, but what of John and his burning love? Is she ready to leave everything behind? Well, what choice does she have when her place with him is far too inescapable.

In conclusion, there was never a dull moment. I enjoyed how fast pace the writing style was, allowing Cabot to waste no time in getting right into the juiciness. Also, the transitioning between chapters was just marvelous. I'm kept interested the more I read, and in fact never wanted it to end. Underworld is a wonderful continuation in a fantastic story and I can't wait for the next. 

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  1. I have Abandon, but haven't read it yet. This review makes me want to dive in so I can start book two.
    Nice review!

    1. Its really good. You won't be able to put it down. I promise!


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