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BLOG TOUR~Dreaming Dangerously by Kathleen Harsch

Welcome to the IFB stop on the Kathleen Harsch Dreaming Dangerously Blog Tour, hosted by Enchanting Book Tours. Check out my review below & enter the giveaway for a chance to win the book:

Dreaming Dangerously 

Series: Children of the Psi #1

Published: September 10th 2011 by Createspace 
Genre: Young Adult-Science Fiction-Thriller
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Dreaming Dangerously: Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller (Children of the Psi, #1)
What if you could HEAR thoughts?

Thanks to her ability to mind-drop, Cassie can hear the thoughts of everyone around her. But sometimes her telepathy is more of a curse than a psychic gift, especially when it comes to Will Rossi. 

Reason #1: He pushes his thoughts at her, whether she wants to hear them or not. 

Reason #2: His sexy, vindictive ex-girlfriend. 

Reason #3: His dimples are absolutely, 100% distracting. 

To her surprise, Cassie feels drawn to Will's electromagnetic vibes. Yet, as she falls for him, she discovers their relationship has some serious side effects. She begins to have dreams about the future - dreams that come true in horrifying ways. 

Cassie needs to learn to trust Will, or she won't be able to prevent the tragedy she sees coming.

~My Review~

Dreaming Dangerously completely surprised me. For one, I failed to see the transparent effect of the girl on the cover (I know, it's shameless, but I'm not really loving the design), and for two, I didn't really think I was going to like this story. It did grow on me though, after I got over the constant drama of the school setting and the pitifulness of its main character. 

Cassie, Cassie, Cassie. Where do I begin? Well, I could start by saying that I disliked her a lot throughout the book. Her depressive persona and trust issues just irritated me so much at times, not to mention how inconsiderate she was toward other peoples feelings. She got upset quite frequently over foolishness and that pissed me off, a lot. I get that her "gift/curse" is really difficult to live with, but she's not even trying to give herself a chance at a normal life. However, aside from wanting to punch her sometimes, there were moments I actually felt sorry for her, and Will, whom she forgets has issues to deal with just like her, though he's not so perfect himself.

Oh, Will. I actually liked him throughout the book. Though all the experimenting made my feelings for him waver a bit, I still loved his boldness; his ability to admit his feelings so publicly, while Cassie hesitated and allowed fear to determine how she'd live. I'm not taking sides here, just interpreting how they came across to me. Will is so lovable. Cassie on the other hand...gosh!

The story wasn't exactly consistent with excitement either, putting aside the kind of genre its based in. There were several occasions where I was absolutely bored with what was going on and even though I kept on reading, nothing was getting through much less staying in my mind. I don't want it to seem like I'm butchering your book, Kathleen, but I'm keeping it real. The story had ups and downs; when its up it's really interesting, but when its down its beyond draggy and predictable. Thankfully, the good outweighed the boring.

In terms of the plot, it made sense and was really convincing. You rarely get books based on such phenom these days, amongst all the vampire, wolves, magic, and dystopian novels, it was a refreshing air away from all that. I just wish the story was much stronger. I'll probably read the second book, when I have nothing else to read. Sorry.

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