Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review: The Fame Game by Lauren Conrad

The Fame Game (Fame Game, #1)Fame Game #1

Published: April 3rd 2012 by HarperTeen
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Review copy provided by publisher for an honest review.
In Hollywood, fame can be found on every corner and behind any door. You just have to know where to look for it. Nineteen-year-old Madison Parker made a name for herself as best frenemy of nice-girl-next-door Jane Roberts on the hot reality show L.A. Candy. Now Madison's ready for her turn in the spotlight and she'll stop at nothing to get it. Sure, she's the star of a new show, but with backstabbing friends and suspicious family members trying to bring her down, Madison has her work cut out for her. Plus, there's a new nice girl in "reality" town—aspiring actress Carmen Price, the daughter of Hollywood royalty—and she's a lot more experienced at playing the fame game... When the camera's start rolling, whose star will shine brighter?
Filled with characters both familiar and new, Lauren Conrad's series about the highs and lows of being famous delivers Hollywood gossip and drama at every turn.

~My Review~
The Fame Game's a light, girly, humorous, and contemporary novel giving a fresh start to reality stars new and old.  Lauren's a young writer, and that comes out a lot in her style, which in turn established a cool start to an entertaining new trilogy; not exactly authentic but I'll stick around for the follow-ups nonetheless. 

I didn't read Lauren's LA Candy series because I considered it to be more of a memoir, being that it focused on her life in a reality show. I thought I was basically going to read what I've already watched so why bother. And since I haven't read it I'll disregard passing judgement. On the other hand, The Fame Game I have read.

This book is a cute and bitchy spin-off to her first series. The main characters are fairly new, with the exception of Madison who was the super villain of LA Candy, I heard and picked up from her fanmail in the opening chapter. Madison's character is mischievous, manipulative, and hungry for fame. On a side note, she's funny, intelligent (somewhat), and focused. I like her; I hate her. It's hard to decide. 

Who I had no problem liking from start, Carmen and Kate. The latter being the most. She's kind, hard-working, a bit shy at times, naturally talented, and remains loyal to her friends where it matters. She's the nice girl you like reading about. Carmen's cool too; she lights up in front of a camera, and stays true to what she believes in. Madison feels threatened by these girls and its no wonder, both have the qualities fit to be a star just like her. Once the cameras start rolling and each gets to be around the other, a lot, their true motives escape the closet. You'll have fun while reading, no matter how chicky and far from in-depth the story really is. 

While I did find the plot entertaining, I can't deny that it was predictable and generic. It's the reality show happening all over again and I yearn for Lauren to write something else in the contemporary category. Maybe a love story in Paris, or California; an aspiring fashion designer trying to get recognized. Just something different and fresh. Then again, maybe after this Lauren will park her author status, because I'm not getting the vibe she wants to write anything different and you can only ride the reality theme for so long. Besides, you can only write about what you know best. That's just me, though.

Like I said, I did enjoy the book. I laughed, cursed, and sympathized with the characters so it wasn't a complete fail. However, too much of a repetition can end up distasteful. 


  1. I have yet to read anything by Lauren Conrad, but I would guess that she is sticking with reality because it's what she knows best? I'm not sure this is for me, but it does sound fun.

    1. Yea, you're pretty much reading about what happened on The Hills, just with different names, but it is funny to read.

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