Saturday, June 9, 2012

An Unresisting Tease #2

-From Chapter four

I stood in a corner for what seemed like an eternity watching everybody else having a good time when a familiar feeling came over me. I searched the room for him, anxiously. Is he here? I know he’s here. There! Chace was staring at me with no discretion whatsoever. He knew I saw him and he didn’t mind at all. Chace had an impact on my heart. He saw me, and I desired for him to keep looking at me just like that forever.
The moment couldn’t be anymore beautiful, but then it was accompanied by a rather unearthly voice. The part of the song I held on to dearly was…

Drop the mask and let my feelings in,
Reveal your eyes that tell a million things.
We are here,
We are here close to each other
Close to each other…

It was as if she was singing about me and how I felt towards everyone, but not Chace. He made me feel like I could let go of everything and fall into his arms. I was unable to fight, to resist him. I belonged to him.
Chace walked right up to me and whispered in my ears “Let’s go outside and talk.” He held on to my hand as we made our way through the cramped room.

I felt as if I snapped out of a trance because suddenly the music sounded a great distance behind us and that’s when I realized Chace had led me further away from the party and towards the lake. Why hadn’t I protested? Why was I allowing him to do as he pleases with me? Finally we stopped walking, but Chace still held on to my hand. He smirked while playing around with my fingers, and that sent chills throughout my entire body. Forcefully, I composed myself enough to break away from his touch.

“I have to go this…this is too much for me.” What! What am I saying? I turned to walk away but Chace grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest. I looked straight up into those piercing brown eyes and I knew that escaping was highly impossible, or perhaps he knew I secretly wanted to stay.

“You don’t have to be afraid, Nat. I would never hurt you. If everyone else fails you please believe that you can always trust me.” He says those words as if he knew my exact thoughts and how I was truly feeling about him. I retaliated the best way I knew how, with hurtful words to sabotage anything good that comes my way.

“Cut the bullshit. Is this what you always do to get a girl? Well, your pathetic lines won’t work on me. I’m not that na├»ve and clearly not that interested in you.” Thinking I’ve convinced him to stop trying he does the unexpected.

“Wait…what are you…” Something stopped me from speaking. It was soft, warm, wet, and tasty. Chace was kissing me. My tight grip on his jacket loosened from trying to push him away to giving myself to him entirely. I’ve never felt anything like this before, but then again I’ve never been kissed before. Chace stimulated something within me, something deep and intense. My body was filled with this uncontrollable heat and I wanted more. We groaned hungrily for each other while our tongues wrestled. Chace massaged my body sensually as my hands made their way underneath his shirt, caressing the arch of his back. His skin was like ice cooling my fingertips. And that’s when I realized how hot I was, literally. I pushed him away just in time to see myself lit on fire, "it's happening again," but to my surprise Chace doesn’t seem frightened. Instead, he slowly walks toward me.

“Don’t, I’ll hurt you if you get too close. Please stay away until it disappears.” Tears fill my eyes knowing Chace had seen what a freak I really was; still he came closer, wiping away the fallen tear from my cheek. “but how-

“It’s okay, Nat." He interrupted. "You won’t hurt me. You can’t.” And I didn’t, because Chace held on to me while my entire body was on fire.   

From Unresisting
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