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Behind The Pages #13: Interview with Shelly Crane + Giveaway

Shelly Crane
Hey ya'll!

The awesome Shelly Crane has taken the time to grant me an interview, in which she goes into inspirations, concepts, and almost not publishing. Check out my interview with the witty author behind those cool series, and stick around for her wonderful giveaway:

What or who inspired you to become a writer?
I had a story in me and I looked all over to find a story like that and couldn't, so I write it :)

Why Young Adult, fantasy?
It was what I was reading most of at the time, so it seemed to fit what my brain was thinking most about.

You've written four series so far. How do you balance writing several stories back and forth?
If I could go back I would do it differently probably, but I never intended to publish the stories, I just wrote them for me and I wrote them how they came to me. They came all at once and all different stories.

Significance (Significance, #1)If you could pick a favorite, which would it be and why?
Probably....Gosh that's a hard one!! I love the Collide series, because it was my first. But story wise and the one that seems to consume my thoughts more than others would be...Significance. Caleb is a lot like my husband and I wrote him as my perfect guy. Cocky but sincere. Protective but knows when to stand back. Hot but sweet. I'd love to be apart of that world.

Significance was your breakthrough novel. How long did it take you to complete your debut book and what ignited the story?
It actually only took me about four weeks to write. I was in the middle of Devour when the storyline for Significance literally just assaulted me. It would not leave me alone so I started writing it and fell in love with it immediately. Wrote it every day until it was done.

Independence (Significance, #4)Can you share a snippet from the 4th book, Independence?
Oh! You sneak!!! :) Oh, all right....

"The tap on our window made us both jump. Maggie covered her arms and chest though she was still wearing all of her clothes, as she had been the whole time.

I sighed and rolled down the windows when I saw the blue flashing lights. "Officer?"

Stealing Grace (Stealing Grace, #1)The most recent, Stealing Grace, isn't exactly YA paranormal. What made you decide to take on a topic like Human Trafficking?
I always wondered about a book that was about a girl that had been kidnapped, but fell in love with the guy. I tried to find a reason that would be plausible for her to do that and it not be stockholm syndrome or something like that. The story kinda wormed its way in and even though some of it was hard to write, I really love that story. I've had several people say they were scared to read it because they thought it was going to be gruesome or too abusive, but if you know me at all I'm all about true love and happy endings. If you liked any of my books, I think you'd like that one, too. :)

Was it difficult stepping away from fantasy to something so realistic?
It was. It was a learning experience, but weirdly, every book I have planned for next year but one is contemporary. Go figure.

Outside of writing, what do you do for fun when you just want to unwind?
I read, I watch reality TV and movies, go to football games with my boys and hubby. I'm pretty normal :)

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You have to know this, but I heart you massive, massive amounts. I have been so blown away by all of your comments and emails and letters. Seriously, you rock.

For more info visit Shelle Crane's official links:

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  1. Oh how I love Shelly Crane! <3 I actually did a post on the whole Significance series today.

    Sittin' Under the Oak Tree

  2. Oh and I most definitely believe in Soulmates. :)

  3. I definitely belive in Soulmates. I love Shelly's Significance series. Thank you.

  4. Yes, I absolutely believe in soulmates :)

  5. What a great interview! I love that Shelley wrote the book she wanted to read.

    (I already have all the books, so good luck to the entrants!)

  6. Awesome interview! I've heard a lot of buzz around this recently and it's so cool how she wrote this so quickly because she couldn't get the idea out of her head :) Also, I do believe in soulmates for some reason ;)

  7. This is a great interview! I love Shelly Crane and of course I believe in soulmates!

  8. Great interview!!! I just love Shelly Crane - one of my favorite authors. I have all her books.

  9. Yes! I believe in soulmates :D

  10. I do but i also don't...that's confusing hahah. I think that only some people have them, and that they rarely get to meet the,.

  11. I believe in soulmates 100%. The idea that there is one person made especially for you is the most amazing thing. I only hope to find mine someday.

  12. Thanks for posting the interview. Shelly Crane is a talented authir and i looking forward to Independence.

    1. And yes i do believe in soulmates. I met mine 15 years ago.


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