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Blog Tour ~ Pretty In Black by Rae Hachton [Review + GIVEAWAY]

Welcome to the IFB stop for the PRETTY IN BLACK BLOG TOUR hosted by SupaGurl. Here's my Review of the first book. Be sure to check out my Q&A below and enter the GIVEAWAY as well.

Pretty In Black (Pretty in Black, #1)Pretty In Black (Pretty in black #1)

Paperback312 pages
Published October 26th 2011 by Teen Pulse

Some Things are Pretty. Some Things are Black. Love is both. 

[Ellie Piper] 

She wanted to die. He arose from the grave. He was sent to kill her. She was trained to kill those of his kind. But fate had other plans. He searched for 119 years to find her. & There's no way in hell he's letting her go. Dead or Alive. They're fated. 

[Marcus Marble] 

How far would you go to be with the one you love? Would you die for her? Would you kill for her? What if the only reason you're still alive is because of her? What if the reason you came back from the dead, was to be with her? But what if your job was to kill her, but you fell in love instead? And now you're being hunted by your own kind? 

Destroy? Or be Destroyed?

~Would you die for love, so you could live forever?~

My Review

There's sooo much I could say about Pretty In Black. I just have to compose my thoughts enough to make sense in doing so. I think 'dark' is the appropriate word that sums up everything about this book. It describes the emotions of the main characters, their surroundings, and the bittersweet love they have for each other. 

I truly enjoyed the story because not only was it fast paced, and I mean extremely fast paced, I could also feel what they were feeling, see what they were seeing, and understood when they themselves found it difficult to comprehend. Pretty In Black is quite the experience, and I say that because you'll literally feel as if you're apart of the story. It was just that satisfying. 

After reading the synopsis, which I usually shy away from because I fear for the expectations they leave me with, I wasn't sure if I was going to like Ellie. Her personality seemed gloomy and depressing, someone who made everyone else around her feel like crap, and that isn't the kind of friend I wished to have. But surprisingly, I liked the kind of person she turned out to be. Ellie was merely heartbroken; she had just lost her sister, tragically I might add. Her parents had divorced. Her mother re-married the scum of the earth, and her father didn't seem like he cared at all. So, you could truly sympathizer with this broken seventeen year old in desperate need of love. Then came Marcus. 

Their encounter was of course creepy, but entertaining. It seemed rushed but to the point. I love it. Marcus is this fearless and mysterious guy who wants nothing else in the world but Ellie. He's willing to risk it all for love, an emotion that not only screams hot but selfishness as well. The latter being that he's putting his dynasty and the girl he loves in danger. The truth about who he was came to light but only made Ellie fall deeper in love. This chick was more than ready to give up her life to be with him, not a lot of girls would be so open to death. You'd think she'd put up a lasting fight in regards to that small (major) detail, but I must commend her willpower all in the name of love. 

Overall, Pretty In Black is an exceptional re-imaging of Poe's dark tales. There's absolutely nothing sugar coated about this story, everything is in your face and tastefully well written. What more could an avid reader of Gothic Romance ask for, when I'm given twice the darkness and twice the passion.


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  1. This book sounds great. Really looking forward to reading it!

  2. I have not had the opportunity to read this book yet. Thanks for the review and tour. It sounds good.

    Rachel V


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