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Blog Tour~The Golden Flute by Catherine Lanigan

Welcome to the IFB stop on Catherine Lanigan's THE GOLDEN FLUTE BLOG TOUR. Check it out:

The Golden Flute (Adventures of Lilli and Zane, #1)Adventures of Lilli and Zane Book #1

Expected publication: June 12th 2012 by Cedar Fort, Inc.
Pre-order a or

Teen treasure hunters, Lilli Mitchell, Zane McAllister and his techno-wizard, younger brother, Teddy, are coming into awareness of their incredible PSI powers as they comb Europe searching for seven ancient enormous jewels. Powerful artifacts that will help them battle the evil and dangerous Bishop Carrington, a human monster who is determined to raise the lost continent of Atlantis from the blackest depths of the ocean. A devastating act which will destroy most of the surface of the earth.
Masterfully written by award-winning author Catherine Lanigan, this thrilling action story keeps you guessing through every twist and turn. Cross continents and connect the clues along with teen treasure hunters Lilli and Zane as they try to stay one step of ahead of danger, find the ancient artifacts, and keep them far away from their enemies. A must-read for adventurers of all ages!


The heat, the city hustle, and the seriousness of her 
task caused Arlette’s fury to explode. “Well, excuse me!” 
she grumbled.
“Madam!” He was expensively dressed in a dark blue 
Western suit, white shirt, and Italian tie.
She blinked, taking in the features of his rugged face 
and expertly cut hair. He reminded her of the wealthy 
Russian mafia she’d tangled with in Moscow earlier that 
The man clearly didn’t like her assessing him.
Putting his hands on her shoulders, he physically 
moved her aside. “Out of my way!”
“Take your hands off me, sir!” Arlette shot back. Then 
she held her breath.
What was she doing? It was imperative she keep a low 
profile, and here she was taunting this stranger. She was 
not in a position to correct rudeness or teach manners. 
Today was the first day since JC had flown back to the 
United States that she’d ventured out of their hotel.
The chances of her being followed were strong.
Discovery could cause her death.
Only a fool would incite a public argument. Arlette 
had never been accused of being foolish.
Terror filled her eyes. Her tongue tripped over her 
words, but she got them out. “Excuse me,” she said lowly, 
then dropped her eyes, glancing to either side of her.
The dark-haired man with angry eyes sneered at her.
She wrested her shoulders from his grip. “Sorry.” She 
skirted around him, then shot down the street as if the 
devil himself was after her.
Intrigued, the man started to go after her but then 
took out his cell phone, made a call, and disappeared into 
the shop.

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Catherine LaniganAbout the Author
Catherine Lanigan is the bestselling author of nearly forty published titles in both fiction and non-fiction, 
including the novelizations of Romancing the Stone and The Jewel of the Nile, as well as over half a dozen anthologies, including "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living your Dream", "Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul", "Chocolate for a Woman's Heart", and "Chocolate for a Woman's Spirit". Ms. Lanigan's novels have been translated into over a dozen languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese. Ms. Lanigan's novels are also available on audio-cassette, CD and in E-books on and Barnes and Several of her titles have been chosen for The Literary Guild and Doubleday Book Clubs. Her Vietnam war-based novel, The Christmas Star, won the Gold Medal Award Top Pick from Romantic Times Magazine and has also won Book of the Year Romance Gold Award from ForeWord Magazine as well as Book of the Year Romance from Reader's Preference.


  1. This one sounds absolutely intriguing! :)

    1. And it's adventurous! You can check it out on netgalley if you'd like.

  2. Well, I love the premise! I'm a big fan of adventure books! I'll have to keep this one in mind!

  3. This is the first I hear of this book the excerpt is intriguing!

  4. This book is new to me too which makes me happy:) I love finding new books, thanks so much for putting this one on my radar Shane! That excerpt was definitely enough to pique my curiosity:)

    1. No prob! Thanks for stopping by and glad i gave you something new to read.

  5. Sounds like a fun read. I'm intrigued by this techno-wizard, younger brother they have! :)



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