Thursday, June 28, 2012

Review: Dear Drama by Braya Spice

Dear Drama
by Braya Spice
Paperback288 pages
Published: April 1st 2012 
Kensington Publishing Corp.

*Copy provided by author for an honest review.

Synopsis via Goodreads:
Have you ever had a friend who just seems to attract trouble, no matter what she does? That’s Allure. Just 21, she barely made it out alive from an abusive relationship with her psycho baby daddy, Greg. Poor girl just wants to be loved, but the harder she tries to find the right man, the more wrong her life gets. Whether it’s Lavante, who has to stuff socks in his pants to make himself feel manly; or Derek, who would be a fine catch if his bipolar disorder didn’t almost get Allure killed; or Bryce, a sweet and sexy cop whose first love is the crack pipe; Allure bounces from one drama to another. Then there’s James, strong and stable—until he knocks her up and hits the road. Get ready to laugh—and cry—at Allure’s crazy love life.

~My Review~

This book completely shitted on everything I thought I knew about domestic abuse, single motherhood, and all the other trials one individual could face. From start to finish Braya educated me about a reality I have never experienced before, and I have no regret whatsoever about reading Allure’s story. 

Her character was constantly disrespected by not only the father of her child, but by men she thought would actually be different and love her. It’s like she attracted scums. That made sense, being that abuse women often times end up with the same kind of men.

Allure comes from a family like many around the world, one that’s broken and irreparable. It has affected her deeply, as is expected, but Allure takes pride in the fact that she’s a good mother, providing and taking care of her daughter the best way she knows how. And she’ll do what it takes to build a loving home for her little girl, Sierra, which is why she left Gregg.

For years she’s been abused physically, emotionally, verbally, hell even mentally by Gregg, the father of her child. This dude is a piece of work. He is the epitome of asshole. The more I read the more enraged I got with his unattractive character. He had me cursing up a storm while on my way to work in the mornings, and laughing in utter disgust on my way home. Gregg’s the kind of man that shouldn’t even be classified as a man. He fits the description of a bastard, and then some. I don’t even want to spare any more time going on about his character. “…And more ass whippings than Ike gave Tina.” Need I say more.

Throughout it all, Allure is surrounded by some ride or die chicks. Her sister Crystal, and her besties Creole and Kendra. My favorite part was Crystal and Creole beating Gregg’s ass after he turned up at Allure’s house on her birthday, acting like he controlled her life. I loved when the girls were together. They always encouraged and never scolded her for her past with that lunatic. As best friends and real friends should, they made her feel good about herself and uplifted her spirits when she was down. With friends like these you’ll be alright.

Dear Drama was one heck of a ride. The best, most realest story I’ve read this year. I was a mess after this one. I cried, I laughed, I sympathized, and above all else, I loved. Indeed, I loved this book and I strongly recommend getting yourselves a copy if you’re up to some seriously intense stuff. A compliment, not a hate. 

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