Friday, September 7, 2012

Feature and Follow 9/7

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This is a weekly blog hop hosted by the wonderful Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Today's question is:

What are you reading right now? How do you like it?

Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, #1)
I've just picked up Sarah J. Maas' Throne of Glass and so far I'm loving it. I guess you'll have to wait for my review to hear the final verdict.

How about you?


  1. Ooh, looks interesting! I just looked it up on goodreads and it has great ratings! Totally adding it to my list, thanks! :D

    -Novel Reveries

  2. Hi Shane!! Looks like you have an interesting read. I am a new follower and if you would like to view my FF please visit
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  3. I loved Throne of Glass. I hope you will too!!

    New follower.

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  4. I would love to read that book!
    Old Follower :)
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  5. I want to read this one too!Hope its good :)

    new follower :)
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  6. I really need to get to this one. It sounds great. Can't wait to see your review!1

  7. Seeing this a lot! Glad you're enjoying it.

    New follower via GFC
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  8. That one looks great. Happy reading and I can't wait to read your review!

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  9. I'm currently reading this book too, along with two other books.

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    -Nazish @ Nazish Reads

  10. Ohh, can't wait to read that one. (New follower!)

    My FF. :)

  11. I've read a lot of amazing things about this one. :)

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  12. I read this one like a couple of weeks ago. I can't say I loved it loved it, but it was a nice read. Hope you enjoy it!

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  13. I haven't read this one yet, but it sounds great. I'm glad you're liking it! :)

    My FF!!

  14. I'm dying to read this- it looks fantastic.

    Old follower. Thanks for stopping by!

  15. I'm already a follower! :D

    But I loved Throne of Glass! Though the ending was a little disappointing though... *sigh*

  16. I've heard absolutely wonderful things about Throne of Glass. I borrowed it from the library the other day.

    Happy reading! :)

  17. Yep, definitely going to have to read Throne of Glass, I've seen it on so many blogs!
    I’m a new follower through FF, my blog is here: =)

  18. Lots of readers doing Throne of Glass this week. Awesome! :)

    Would love for you to check out my FF at Between the Bind. :)

  19. I loved this book! I am getting the novellas too just to get more!!

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    Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace
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  20. You're the second person reading this... and it looks really interesting. I'm enticed!

    New follower!


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