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Behind The Pages #13: Jennifer Echols Interview & Giveaway

As busy as she's gotta be these days, Jennifer Echols still took some time to stop by IFB for not only an interview but to also give away her latest release. Check it out below and enter to win a copy of Star Crossed!

What inspired you to become a writer and where do you get the motivation to write so many books?

I think I'm like most authors in saying that I've always loved to read, and writing is an extension of that. But my grandmother was an unpublished author, and she was my role model. She wrote stories and submitted them for publication, so it never occurred to me that I couldn't.
As for motivation, I love writing and feel out-of-sorts when I'm not doing it, so I just keep going.

How challenging is it to balance between Young Adult and Adult novels?

I think writing for different age groups makes it easier, not harder. Switching between types of novels cleanses the pallet and ensures that they won't all be the same.

Levitating Las VegasMost of your books are based in the contemporary genre, are you branching out anytime soon?

Yes! I'm so excited that my New Adult paranormal romantic comedy Levitating Las Vegas will be published by Simon & Schuster as an ebook on May 6.

Star Crossed (Stargazer, #1)Tell us a little about Stargazer and the latest in your new adult romantic comedy series, Star Crossed. For one, why the entertainment industry?

I'm fascinated by the arts and creative people, but I also love to hear the story of what went on behind the scenes. Stargazer is a public relations firm specializing in stars who are sabotaging their own careers, so I'm delving into that backstage world.

Putting aside writing, what else do you do for fun?

I run! I ran my first marathon last year, and I've completed six half marathons. I'm planning to run three or four half marathons in the fall. But I'm not really putting aside writing when I run—I'm listening to the soundtrack I made for the book in progress, and I'm writing scenes in my head!

Any other talents you'd like to share with us?

I'm really interested in art and music, but I wouldn't call them talents. I paint very bad paintings and compose very bad songs, and that's okay with me because I enjoy it.

What's next for Jennifer Echols in the world of books?

I have a new YA romantic comedy series coming out starting in May 2014. It's about friends who have been elected to Senior Who's Who positions at their high school—Biggest Flirt and so forth—and how those positions change the way they view themselves. I've already turned in the first book, and I think it's pretty darned funny, but of course I think everything is hilarious when I'm delirious and on deadline.

Thank you for taking the time. Any tips for aspiring writers out there?

Always write the book you want to read! Thanks for having me on your blog, Shane!


Star Crossed (Stargazer, #1)
Win a copy of Star Crossed (Stargazer #1)

Wendy Mann loves her job rescuing celebrities from public relations scrapes. She grew up with nothing, and now she’s drawn to glitz, glamour, and a lighthearted lifestyle. She speaks her mind, so she’s just the tough cookie to tell stars the truth about how other people see them, even when they don’t want to hear it. But after six years at the top of her game, Wendy crosses the line. A star she was sent to save rebels against her and nearly gets her fired. To salvage her job, she must rehabilitate the career of a singing starlet with a penchant for posting inappropriate photos of herself and arguing online with her famous ex. Problem is, the ex is represented by Wendy’s arch nemesis from college, the hot and haughty Daniel Blackstone. And both stars are scheduled for a collision course on national television, broadcast live from Las Vegas.

Daniel’s uneasy when he hears Wendy Mann from his firm’s most hated competitor has been brought in to revive the career of his client’s ex-girlfriend. Daniel must win at any cost. And if he has to seduce Wendy to smooth the way to their partnership, he’s willing to sacrifice himself for the cause. But Daniel doesn’t count on the scorching heat between them—and when they get to Vegas, all bets are off.

Released: February 26th 2013
Publisher: Pocket Books
Purchase: Amazon


  1. I've heard such praise for Echols' writing. I've bought a few of her books, just need the time to read. . Thanks for sharing the great interview.

  2. The only one I've read is Going too Far, and I loved it. I have all the others, I just haven't gotten to read them yet.

  3. I have not read any of Jennifer's book, but I look forward to it!!

  4. I would love to win and read this book. Thanks for the chance.

  5. I read all her books she's written so far except for Love Story and this. Thanks for the giveaway!

    ~Angela C.

  6. I received Levitating Las Vegas for review. I can't wait to start it!

  7. Great interview. I have this book to and I am really looking forward to starting it.

  8. Great interview! I love Jennifer Echols, but my fave (so far!) is probably Such a Rush. But I have Dirty Little Secret coming up for review soon. Can't wait for that one! :)


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