Friday, May 10, 2013

Feature and Follow #47

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This is a weekly blog hop hosted by the wonderful Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Today's question is:

Q: Happy Mother's Day! Who is your favorite mom from fiction?

Good question but honestly, I don't have a favorite mom from fiction. I just found most of them so disturbingly annoying lol I love my mom dearly and I guess I look for traits in these fictional mothers that I find in my mother but have yet to come across one similar, which is probably silly to even think about anyway. But, all I'm saying is, I haven't really loved mothers in books, but interestingly enough I've come across dads that I liked and its probably because they're rarely in the novels I read. 

Happy Mother's Day. How about you?


  1. I can see what you mean - like Katy's mom from OBSIDIAN by Jennifer L. Armentrout. I don't really like her, she's so annoying. Many moms in YA seem annoying because to real teens, moms are often annoying. So, I see what you mean!

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    1. Yep, I don't know why most authors write them like that but it'll be good to read about one that's not so annoying.

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  2. You're right, most of them are annoying. None pop into my head either, but I know there have been a scattered few I have liked. Not in the hop this week, just stopping by,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  3. It weird and I never really thought of this until you said it, but there is a lot more dads I like compared to mothers in books.
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  4. Aw, what a thoughtful post. I hope your mom sees this, Shane. ;-)

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  6. It took some Google searching before I find two and I was like Oh Yeah!!!

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    Bethany @ Bythebookful

  7. True, some mothers in books are just blah. Or mean or annoying or something like that. In YA they are kind of absent along with other parental figures. But I went with a well loved classic mom! Pretty popular pick today too!

    I love my mom dearly as well. She was my rock growing up, so yeah, when there are poor mothers in books I don't always like it since I had a good mom.

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    Have a GREAT weekend!

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  8. I know what you mean. In the majority of books that I read, the characters have horrible or just indifferent parents (moms and dads alike). It breaks my heart for them since my mom is wonderful! Thanks for visting this week!

    Traci @ Mad Hatter Reads

  9. Let me try this again! My internet is having a very bad day today, and the comment I typed has upped and vanished.

    Thanks for stopping by my FF, Shane!

    Like you, I don't have a favourite fictional mom either. It all depends on the book I'm reading, and who stands out for me. As I said, any loving mom is a favourite of mine. :)


    Have a super weekend.

    Sandra @ SSBF Blog

  10. I couldn't think of anyone, it took me a while! But I think you're right, sometimes for me it's hard to look at other characters that don't stand out.

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  11. It was hard for me too =/ and I still didn't have the answer for it. Anyway thanks for stopping by and I follow back =)

    Happy Friday!!!
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  12. Happy blogaversary! That's so exciting.


    Julianna Smith

  13. Now I can't think of any Dads...weird lol
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  14. Aww this is actually a really sweet compliment to your mom! No one measures up :-)

    I rarely see parents that I love in fiction, especially YA, but I really like Clara's mother in Unearthly (though she does keep an awful lot of secrets). But she and Clara have a great, really close relationship. Love this topic this week!

  15. There's a lot of books where the parents aren't even around. They're dead or not really around. O.o

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  16. Sorry I'm a bit late with my reply. Good Answer.

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  17. Great answer! Thanks for stopping by RLAD & for the follow. I've returned the favor. :)

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