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Review: Faithless by Amanda Bennett

FaithlessRelease date: October 14th 2013
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Synopsis via Goodreads:
Sometimes in the darkness, we find the light. At least the fortunate ones do. For those who don't want to find the light are sometimes forced into it. What do you do when a stranger in the darkness ends up being your savior?
Riley Turner never expected or wanted to see her twenty-first birthday, and she planned not to. Feeling lost and alone her entire life with no one to love or support her, there was never a reason to exist. That was until the stranger who saves her, becomes the one person to show her what life is really about. Riley finds her world being turned upside down and for the first time ever, finds herself wanting to live.

Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes that reason doesn't always make sense, especially when life hasn't always been so kind. Will Riley be able to over come her fears and finally find a reason to live her life, or will she see just how cruel life really can be after believing and taking a chance?

*WARNING this book contains mature content, language and sensitive situations

*Received ecopy as a gift.

Faithless was different in some ways for me. The setting is definitely new, because I'd never read a book where the main characters were in a psychiatric hospital, so that really intrigued me. Also, I liked Riley at start. Her character had suffered a great deal and had given up on life completely. I was happy when things turned around for me, in meeting Tristan and learning the truth about her mother. Also, it was nice seeing how she started opening up and began trusting people. 

Tristan was also a likable character. I never suspected a thing about him. So that part was well covered and left unraveled till the right moment. Then after that came out I believed he was fine to begin with and had no problems to deal with. I was wrong. Tristan had a big issue even though he was initially in that situation to help Riley. So, I was thrilled when he started to work on his pain as well. 

As far as the writing, it was interesting enough. In fact, the story had the potential to be great, with the deep, emotional issues the main characters were facing. However, it turned out to be an okay read because there were some things that, in the end, I just couldn't overlook. The main problem for me was how unrealistic and inappropriate the hospital was. There were things taking place that had completely baffled me. There were also gaps in the story that I'm still curious about but I don't necessarily find them too big of a deal. Aside from that, and how Riley's light switch feelings for both guys confused me, I did like Faithless. I just didn't feel fireworks.


  1. Hmm...sounds like a lot of potential that didn't follow through. It's frustrating when a likable story has plot holes or unbelievable turns. Thanks for the review, Shane!

    1. Yeah, there's a lot of hmms going on throughout the story for me. It would've been great with the deduction of certain aspects.

      Thanks for stopping by Drea.

  2. This does sound different. Thanks for the informative review.

  3. This has a very interesting setting! Thanks for letting us know what you like and dislike about the story. It seems like Riley has more resiliency in her than she thought she had.

  4. Interesting, indeed. Too bad the story wasn't well-executed. I hope your next read will be better, Shane.

    1. Thank you. But like I always say, don't let my feelings about the story turn you off. Check it out :)

  5. This book is new to me all together. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. It is nice that the setting was a little different, too bad it didn't quite live up to your expectations. Great review, Shane! :)

  7. Hmm it does sound pretty interetesting, seems like it would have a lot of potential. Too bad it wasn't a perfect read. Great review!


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