Monday, February 3, 2020

New Release: Until the Last by Symone West

Release date: February 3rd
Genre: Interracial romance
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Synopsis via Goodreads:

Nadia Morroe has a lot going for her, except for a happy relationship. When it comes to an end, she’s neither surprised nor hurt.
What’s more shocking is how she dangerously plunges into the bed of a rather intriguing man after their strange first encounter.
He lures her in with his piercing gaze and unraveling touch, then pushes her away with the reminder he’s not looking for commitment.
Nadia detects he’s hiding something. Because it’s a constant battle between frustration and desire when it comes to their emotions.

Jacob Hunter was never into attachments.
He’s made it clear to every woman he’s been with, especially after a life-changing discovery months ago.
But Nadia has him second-guessing his decision and wishing he could have more.
Every moment shared together leaves him feeling guilty. He doesn’t want to make Nadia suffer. But he can’t stop himself from falling.

Time is precious, and both come to understand that in the most painful way.
When Nadia learns what’s holding Jacob back, will she be able to look past it and be with him until the end?

About the Author
Symone West is the author of Dry Spell and A Very Warm Christmas. She writes unconventional sweet and sexy, sometimes dark, coming of age and adult stories.

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