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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday #14

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill @ Breaking the Spines. This is a cool way to spotlight a upcoming release that you're anxious about, as well as checking out what other book lovers are anticipating as well. So, check out my WoW this week: 


Expected publication: March 12th 2013 
Publisher: Disney/Hyperion
Synopsis via Goodreads:
Sixteen-year-old Kyra, a highly-skilled potions master, is the only one who knows her kingdom is on the verge of destruction--which means she's the only one who can save it. Faced with no other choice, Kyra decides to do what she does best: poison the kingdom's future ruler, who also happens to be her former best friend. But, for the first time ever, her poisoned dart...misses. Now a fugitive instead of a hero, Kyra is caught in a game of hide-and-seek with the king's army and her potioner ex-boyfriend, Hal. At least she's not alone. She's armed with her vital potions, a too-cute pig, and Fred, the charming adventurer she can't stop thinking about. Kyra is determined to get herself a second chance (at murder), but will she be able to find and defeat the princess before Hal and the army find her? 

Kyra is not your typical murderer, and she's certainly no damsel-in-distress--she's the lovable and quick-witted hero of this romantic novel that has all the right ingredients to make teen girls swoon.

That sounds interesting. I've never read a story with such a plot so I absolutely can't wait for this one.

What are you waiting on?


  1. Ooohhh a poison master trying to poison the kigdom's future ruler who used to be her best friend! And she has a potioner ex-boyfriend. Sounds fun!
    My WOW

  2. I really love the sound of this one. Sounds like a kickass heroine to me. Great pick.

    My WoW

    Teresa @ Readers Live A Thousand Lives

  3. That sounds interesting!

    Is it me or does this cover look the movie adaption Snow White book?

    But still looks really good!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. I thought so too the first time my eyes caught the cover but after reading the plot i was intrigued.

  4. Ok why am I only hearing about this book now? Wow! I really like the sound of this one. Thanks for sharing.

    My WoW

    Becky @ A Reader’s Devotion

  5. Great pick. This was on of my picks a few weeks ago. It does sound awesome doesn't it? :)

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  6. This does sound interesting and different. Great pick!

  7. I was going to post this as my WoW in a few weeks. Doesn't it sound great?!? It makes me want to go read Poison Study again. :) Thanks for sharing! Here’s my WoW post. Happy Wednesday! :D

    1. It does sound great but never read poison study. thnx for stopping by.

  8. This one sounds super awesome! I find poison fascinating, and I'm curious to see how Kyra handles her dilemma. Having to kill your former best friend? Aweful decision to make! Thanks for pointing this one out :)

    Here's my pick

  9. This sounds really interesting. I haven't heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!!

  10. I can't wait for this book too! It sounds FANTASTIC!!!

    - Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  11. This sounds like a great-read! I'm adding this to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing, Shane!

    Here is my WoW post. Have a gorgeous day :)

  12. I love the cover and I love the sound of potions! Great pick!

    Check out my WoW.

    Sangita @ Whisper of Reads.

  13. OMG I want this one!!!!!! I love me some High Fantasy! Great choice Shane!

    Jaime @ Two Chicks On Books

  14. Nice pick! I'm not a huge fan of high fantasy, but it does look good. Thabks for sharing!


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