Tuesday, May 26, 2020

New Release: Flawed Melodies by Symone West

Release date: May 26th 2020
Genre: New Adult College IR Romance
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A New Adult college romance about two people connecting through music. That in time, lower their guards as love blooms and erases fear.

Faith Powell
I’m obedient. Close to perfect.
Hiding my true desires while making my family proud.
I have never veered off course or considered fighting for what I want. Until faint music lures me into his bedroom, and all of a sudden, things start to shift.

Jaxon wants only to focus on our shared love for music. But that proves to be difficult when we’re together because he tempts me to explore emotions I never dared to feel and shows me a passionate world without restrictions.

Jaxon Knight
Three years ago, my girlfriend left me with a broken heart and a member short in my band. Since then, I’ve sworn off love.
Random hookups and zero complications.
That’s it.
I thought I’d learned my lesson, but here comes Faith and her innocence, waltzing into my room and life uninvited.
I never wanted to experience those intense emotions again, yet I’m unable to stop myself.
Faith has not only erased my writer’s block but is shattering the guard around my heart, one beautiful harmony at a time.

The more Jaxon and Faith swim in the depths of music, writing lyrics and creating melodies, the more their words flow straight from the heart. But will they overcome obstacles so that love may have a chance? Or is music their driving force and demise?

About the Author
Symone West is the author of sweet, sexy, emotional, young adult and adult romance. 
Aside from writing, Symone enjoys reading, listening to music, preferably the moody kind, and romance movies.

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